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Humans are a various race that live in oases throughout the lower world. They are ill-suited to most environments beyond the oases, but are intelligent and utilize their ingenuity to great effect, being the first to discover and utilize Generator technology. Due to their inability to thrive in any natural environment, they have spread quickly across the world from oasis to oasis, seizing as many of these crucial points for themselves as existing settlements become too populous. Their cultures are therefore a multitude and heavily fractured.


Humans do not typically differ greatly from those of Earth, but some differentiation has occurred, with some cultures adapting flatter features, thicker brows, and darker, rougher skin to better deal with their environment outside of the oases.


Humans arrived from Earth roughly 194,221 years before termination as the result of a security breach aboard OROL in which a group of fanatics boarded the orbital structure and found transport to the surface at this time period. It is unknown which oasis they first colonized, but since then they have spread to others across the globe. Their descendants' interference with the test modules has been labelled as the sole reason for the termination of the IPaCCA project.



Humans are omnivorous, and will eat most anything that will not make them ill. Sometimes, they will even ingest things that they know full well will make them ill for recreational purposes.


Humans are by and large industrious and what they lack in physiological capabilities to adapt to their home, they make up for with technologies and practices to increase their chances of survival. They have made great use of and improved on many technologies of [T'ik] origin, particularly in vehicles. The largest ports in the world are primarily Human-run. Husbandry and military strategy can also be counted among Human specialties in some cases, as they have been relatively successful in taking, holding, and making use of [Oases] in most settled regions of the globe.


Clothing varies from region to region, and culture to culture.

Sex and Reproduction

Perhaps not surprisingly, the gender norms and sexual roles of humans on Earth has been to a large degree preserved. Couples prefer to get married to solidify their relationship and raise children together.


Humans have a tendency to follow religion of some sort, typically involving a higher power, but do not universally agree on what this higher power is.


As a result of their rapid spread from oasis to oasis, humans speak a multitude of languages depending on the region they are in.