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Originally planted during the initial stages of the IPaCCA project roughly 850 million years before termination. At this time, the number of functional units numbered 1 million. Due to geological events and, eventually, tampering by Humans, as much as 15% of these generators had become non-functional by the date of termination.

The functionality of the climate generators is in three interdependent parts: They extract carbon compounds in gaseous form and other substances from the surrounding atmosphere to reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases over time. These molecules then undergo electrolytic decomposition and their component atoms are used in fusion reactions until they are heavy metals and the process’s energy efficiency turns negative. The purpose of this part is twofold: one, to compress the biproducts, rendering them effectively zero in the short-term, and two, to produce energy for the third part, which is the climate generator. This is a rather complex invention of our team which utilizes electromagnetic fields to manipulate nearby weather. In this case, it will dissipate or deflect intense weather patterns, whether areas of high or low pressure, and high or low humidity, according to a series of algorithms.