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The climate of the planet is characterized by a conflict between a runaway greenhouse effect and the persisting impact of climate generators. The oceans are largely evaporated, relegated to rivers and temporary seas, swelling the atmosphere and concentrating in giant storms that circle the globe, shaped by the winds and concentrations of Generators, and often lasting years, covering areas the size of continents. Freshwater lakes exist in certain regions that have been particularly shielded by geography or the Generators, particularly around Aapaas and the Minwan Basin, but they are few and far between. As a consequence, most species have evolved to require very little water to survive (ie the Sehali, to dwell underground, where groundwater is more accessible (such at the T'iksk, or to remain in areas where water is more easily accessed — the Mang Khyel, who dwell in the mountains, the Oekin people of the Minwan Basin, and Humans who are typically relegated to the sparse Oases created by the Generators.