Sindarin (font and layout)

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To make proper use of this download, use the keyboard layout and font in conjunction.

Use is relatively straightforward: to type "aran", simply type "aran", etc. There are some exceptions due to the limitation of Windows's use of keyboard layouts:

  • "q" is a W that is relatively unused.
  • "W" is voiceless w ([ʍ]).
  • "T" is transcribed as TH [θ].
  • "I" is a Y that is relatively unused.
  • "D" is [ð].
  • "x" is a long R.
  • "R" is a rolled R. Tends to come before consonants and at the end of words.
  • "X" is a different H. Unlike long R, it might actually be common, depending on one's period and transliteration standard.
  • "j" is transcribed as NG [ŋ].
  • All the letters with a line over top of them that are capital on the keyboard (ie G, H, J) are the equivalent of their lowercase letter but followed by "w". It's sort of a trademark of Elvish languages, so don't forget that "gw" isn't two letters, but one.