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My name is Justin Mann. I have been creating conceptualized languages since I was a young teen with the meanest sense of linguistics and have not stopped through into my adult life. Today, I possess a bachelor's degree in Linguistics, with a specialization in phonology and experience in North Germanic, Japonic and Algonquian languages. I also have a BA in Psychology.

My first introduction to any second language was Blackfoot in elementary school: a First Nations language, possibly the oldest living language of the Algonquian family, spoken by some five thousand people in Southern Alberta and Northern Montana. I later began to learn Japanese and Swedish using free online resources, and in university got the opportunity to further my knowledge of Blackfoot and of Old Norse.

Now that I have my degree (2013), my focus remains primarily on learning Blackfoot and researching Scandinavian phonological trends. My conlangs reflect these interests, but also my interest in non-human articulators and the phonologies these might produce. As a writer, I get the greatest enjoyment from testing out my conlangs by writing prose and poetry in them; it is important to me that each of my languages have a unique culture that is expressed in every linguistic tier, from phonology through syntax and semantics.

I hope you enjoy what is here, and if you yourself are a language creator, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours as well.

Grammars and Lexicons

  • Asuran - Original language for the "asura" species created for the Guild Wars universe by Arenanet and NCSOFT. Isolating, logical head-final language using a unique, mathematical form of declension and conjugation. Complete with a non-Roman alphabetic writing system and font. (2013)
  • Fyelli - Language of the Fyelli people: massive, bestial builders and conquerors from the mountains. Pseudo-anthropomorphic phonology, afforded more dorsal consonants and a lack of labial or rounded phonemes. Large vocalic inventory with numerous falling diphthongs. Isolating morphology, though with complex determiners/case markers. (2012)
  • Lutrin - Language of the various otter-like tribes of the Minwan Basin. Novel non-human phonology loosely based on mustelid articulators. Morphology inspired by Spanish and using a simplified Austronesian typological alignment. (2013)
  • Mésylþo - Ongoing effort to codify my own idea of the most beautiful language. Phonology inspired by Swedish, Icelandic, and Blackfoot. Polysynthetic morphology heavily influenced by languages of the Algonquian family. (2011)
  • Ta'agra - Accurate reconstruction based on samples provided by Bethesda Softworks for the Khajiit race of the Elder Scrolls universe. English-like phonology, agglutinating morphology, with an interesting take on pronouns. (2013)
  • T'iksk - Casual project with a high number of nuclear consonants. Grammar made to be relatively easy to learn by English-speakers for a larger project that is on hiatus. (2012)




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