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Labial Alveolar Post-Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Plosives Voiceless p ‹p› t ‹t› k ‹k› q ‹q›
Voiced b ‹b› d ‹d› g ‹g›
Fricatives Voiceless θ ‹th› s ‹s› ʃ ‹sh› h ‹h›
Voiced z ‹z› ʒ ‹j›
Nasals m ‹m› n ‹n›
Approximants ɹ ‹r› j ‹y› w ‹w›
Laterals ɫ ‹l›
Affricates ts ‹ts› tʃ ‹ch› ks ‹x›

/x/ → [s] → [z] / #_ /ʒ/ → [dʒ] / #_


Front Central Back
High ɪ ‹i›
i(ː) ‹ee›
ʉ ‹u› u(ː) ‹oo›
Mid-High e ‹ei›
Mid-Low ɛ ‹e› ɔ ‹o›
Low a~æ ‹a›

Jel seems to lack diphthongs, although may have vowel progressions such as ‹ao› /æɔ/.