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by Geckat in Conworld

It’s a little known fact that about two years ago I started building a new universe to stick all my languages.  Well, it’s thriving, even being used in some roleplays, got a few stories written by me and more on the way.  I’ve decided that to keep track of all the stuff I stick in it, I will have a new section in my wiki.  I’ve even got an in-progress map, and hope to have some art done at some point in the future.  Check it out.


Ipakha and Lutrin Culture

by Geckat in Conlangs, Minor

Ipakha, the universe for which Lutrin is being created, is finally getting written as a story.  The first couple chapters written thusfar (by me; my collaborator is still working out things on their end) are about the Lutrins, either in part or in full.  This means that, especially in the case of the second, their language finally sees some real use, which is very exciting to me.

The first is titled Sinking of the SSS Dungong, and follows two Lutrins aboard a sinking landship, a hybrid of comedy and tragedy and a lot of in-line exposition.

The second is A Sacrifice to Child Lake, which tells the bloody, sordid story of one Lutrin’s mother, and illustrates the tribal nature of these otter-like people.

More to come, very soon, in Ipakha.