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Šurá Vórra!

by Geckat in Site

That is, at this point in time, “Hello World!” in Mésylþo — my earliest remaining conlang which, as do all languages, remains a work in progress.

This is my first post here, and I imagine posts from here on in will be thoughts of mine on language and language creation, or else large updates on relevant things I am working on, but since the relevant thing I am working on is this site, this post will be the exception.

As of now, the website is operational, as is the MediaWiki page that I will use to house everything related to my languages in development.  I do not believe in writing things that are not published, so everything from my grammars to my dictionaries to samples of writing and speech will be there, as well as downloads for fonts and keyboard layouts I have created for use with the languages.

Also as of the time of this writing, I have mostly tapered off working on the grammar for my latest conlang, Asuran, made for a pre-existing culture created by a third party and using a unique and troublesome mathematical element to its morphology, as well as an alphabet, inspired by the Phoenician alphabet. The Asuran project has been quite the merge of originality and unoriginality for me, and the interest in it that remained right up until people saw the “quantimorphology” section was fun.

I look forward to using this page to finally start documenting my hobby and passion, and perhaps inspire one or two other creative linguists somewhere in the world.