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My name is Justin Mann. I have been creating constructed languages since I was a young teen with the meanest sense of linguistics and have not stopped through into my adult life. Today, I possess a combined bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Linguistics from the University of Calgary, with a specialization in phonology and experience in North Germanic, Japonic and Algonquian languages.

My first introduction to any second language was Blackfoot in elementary school: a First Nations language, possibly the oldest living language of the Algonquian family, spoken by some five thousand people in Southern Alberta and Northern Montana. I later began to learn Japanese and Swedish using free online resources, and in university got the opportunity to further my knowledge of Blackfoot and of Old Norse. My introduction to conlanging, however, was through Richard A. Watson’s “D’ni” for the MYST universe created by Cyan Worlds when I was fourteen years old. Since then, my addiction to linguistics has been insatiable.

Now that I have my degree (2013), my focus remains primarily on learning Blackfoot and researching Scandinavian phonological trends. My conlangs reflect these interests, but also my interest in non-human articulators and the phonologies these might produce. As a writer, I get the greatest enjoyment from testing out my conlangs by writing prose and poetry in them; it is important to me that each of my languages have a unique culture that is expressed in every linguistic tier, from phonology through syntax and semantics.

I hope you enjoy what is here, and if you yourself are a language creator, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours as well.

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