Rën Grammar

Apr 9th, 2018 by Geckat in Conlangs, Major

Since beginning it mid last year, Rën has become a serious passion of mine.  I haven’t gone so deeply into any conlang before; every week, I spend hours honing its grammar and writing system, building its culture, writing poetry, and more with the language.  Its lexicon has surpassed five hundred entries, which is more than it sounds when one considers that the language completely lacks animate nouns.

Its most recent development is major enough to warrant a post here: I’ve written a grammar, presently just over 18,000 words, designed to describe the language in full as it exists, in terms that a non-linguist will understand.  It’s updated regularly as I make improvements, and I believe now that it’s ready for the public eye.

Rën: Grammar and Philosophy

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